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Articaine & Paresthesia Fact or Fiction?! basic free

This article reviews the rumors about Articaine anesthetic and whether they do have a higher rate of paresthesia compared to Lidocaine or not.

This is an important and interesting article that reviews the incidence of 4% anesthetic caused paresthesias and compares it with 2% anesthetic caused paresthesias. The scientific evidance on both camps are compared and it concludes that there is not enough evidance to support the notion that 4% anesthetics (Articaine/Prilocaine) have a higher rate of paresthesia than 2% anesthetics (lidocaine)


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Contains 150 pieces of .04 taper bioceramic gutta percha, 150 paper points, 1 syringe of BC Sealer + 15 Tips.

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one case of paresthesia with 4% citanest lasted over 6Months left mandible block