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Ten tips for using bioceramics in endodontics basic free

One of the most noteworthy events in recent endodontic material science is the
introduction of bioceramic technology.

it is the physical properties associated with bioceramics that make it so exciting when used in endodontic therapy. However, as an increasingly large number of clinicians begin to use bioceramics, we believe it is a good time to offer our 10 tips for using bioceramics in endodontics.


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Chris Lee

Thanks for the article! Great tips. Just to confirm, you recommend placing the GI immediately over the BC RRM putty, right? In other words, there is no need to wait the 20 or so minutes for the putty to set up prior to the placement of the glass ionomer (ex Vitribond)? I assume the moisture from the dentin will continue to help the putty set up even with the GI immediately placed over. Thanks!