Three-Dimensional (3-D) Endodontic Instrumentation and Obturation

Starts: February 28, 2018 (Wednesday)

Ends: February 28, 2018 (Wednesday)

Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm Lecture Presentation

Location: The Manor, 42 W. Boylston Street, Boylston, MA 01583, United States

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Lecture Program
General Knowledge Suggested


 At last Endodontic Evolution meets Endodontic Revolution! After two decades of research and experimentation with NiTi rotary instruments, an expandable rotary instrument has been created. New adaptive 3D files have produced a revolution in simplicity, efficiency, and safety for you and your patients. These unique instruments expand at body temperature effectively debriding and disinfecting oval and irregular shaped canals without compromising the structural integrity of the treated tooth. This body temperature transformation allows faster and safer instrumentation using less files than conventional techniques. The improved file-dentin interface allows minimally invasive root canal preparations that can easily be obdurate using bioceramics. True 3-D instrumentation and obturation has arrived. 

During this lecture component, participants will learn:

1.      The basic foundations of Endodontic success. 

2.      The concept of anatomic shaping.

3.      To triage Basic and Advanced cases and how to apply the correct instrumentation protocol for each case.