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If you don't find a course listed in our current schedule of upcoming seminars and are interested in a course in your area, please contact us and let us know. We require a minimum number of attendants for any given course. As a result, some research is required about the feasibilty of a course in your neighborhood. But we are looking for new places to share our techniques with the dental community at large and your area might just be the place for us to visit next! Please send us an email at info@RealWorldEndo.com and provide us with some information.


EndoSequence System

This is most likely an access problem. Here is a tip concerning straight line access. Close one eye and look into the chamber. You should be able to visualize all the orifices. If you cannot see all the orifices, you do not have straight line access. Straight line access is the key to clinical endodontic success.
The MB-2 canal is often obstructed by secondary dentin. A good way to remove the secondary dentin is with an ultrasonic. Also, transillumination will help you locate hidden canals.
Root canal therapy is getting more difficult each year. Try entering the calcified canal with a Stewart probe or a Real World Endo probe. If this does not work, an ultrasonic should help you. Piezo electric ultrasonics are the most under-utilized technology currently in Endodontics. We strongly recommend getting a piezo electric ultrasonic.
Carefully! Always use a small round diamond with a lot of water spray. Remember you are at the mercy of the lab tech who stacked the glass.
We like the H-34L bur by Brasseler for going through crowns or heavy metal onlays.
This is an access problem. For small, very tight canals, we recommend a .04 taper preparation. However, even the .04 is totally dependent upon the access.
He has done 20 thousand cases and knows exactly where he wants to go. Still, the tendency (even among endodontists) to to go for a larger access preparation. This just makes sense and is particularly important with rotary files. Remember to remove all the caries and unsupported tooth structure.
Files break because of either excessive torque or the build-up of cyclic fatigue. Remember to check the anatomy of the tooth. 2 canals that merge together is the # 1 cause of separation. Also, discard the files after use in extremely curved canals.
The EndoSequence files should be in the canal for only 3-4 seconds. No more. After gaining confidence from well done cases, some clinicians have made the mistake of thinking they can stay longer in the canals and work the files. this is a mistake. Please, stay in the canal for only 3 seconds.
Separating a file is not malpractice. Not informing a patient of such an occurrence is negligence. Tell that patient that you separated a piece of the file and that it will be incorporated into the final fill. Also, tell the patient that the tooth will be checked (like all endodontically treated teeth) at a one year and two year recall.
Due to the small nature of lower anteriors, these teeth can be handled easily with a .04 taper preparation. In fact, we at RealWOrldEndo believe that most all canal should be treated with an .04 taper. It saves coronal tooth structure and is more efficient. Studies also show that it's enough in terms of getting irrigation down. Therefore, no need to go bigger! Save those teeth and don't weaken them unnecessariliy.
Pick up a hand file and instrument the final mm, thereby creating a glide path to the final length. Then go back in with your .06 taper rotary file and this will get you to length.
In this situation, we recommend switching to a # 20 / .04 taper file. If the # 20 does not get you to length, most likely the # 15 / .04 taper will. Once you get to length with the # 15 /.04 taper, you can now go back in with the #15 / .06. Then, increase the apical preparation size to a # 20. Ideally, we would like you to never finish less than a size # 20. Rotary instrumentation is all about tips and tapers.


How to become a RWE Faculty

We're constantly looking for talented individuals who are passionate about learning and sharing their ideas with their colleagues. If you are interested in either becoming an online faculty or give lectures through RWE Seminars, please contact us and let us know of your interests and area of expertise. We might have a place for you either online or on the ground.


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