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Endo Questions for the RWE Faculty:: activation of irrigation solution


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Hello ...After   I complete the preparation  of the canal   ..i  use endo activator (dentsply mailefer)to activate  my irriagtion  solution   1- after that  it is a must  to use intracanal suction to remove loose depris  or irriagation enough and which type of intacanal suction do you recommend?2- use of EDTA solution before final irrigation of sodium hypochlorite  is recommended to remove smear layer to improve  sealer adapttion     or     not???????3-which type of irrigation needle do you recommend  and its limit into the canal?????4-comlete drying of the canal before obturation  is a must????

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In reply to abdelwahab elsherbiny You need to dry the canal prior to obturation differently based on the type of sealer you use. If you use ZOE and Resin sealer you should dry completely. In fact, you should use alcohol as your last rinse to desiccate the canal since those are hydrophobic sealers and won't adapt to the canal wall if you have wet walls. 
Regarding removing the smear layer, you should use 17% EDTA after your disinfection, using a 30 gage side vented needle and let it sit for about 1 minute at the end. Then irrigate gently with Bleach and finally with alcohol, then paper points to dry and fill with your kind of sealer. Again, it's different protocol for different sealers and you have a more complicated final protocol if you're using hydrophobic sealers vs. hydrophilic sealers like Bioceramics. So, there's no one universal protocol, it differs based on your sealer.