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Endo Questions for the RWE Faculty:: Apical trifurcation question


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Hello friends, I would like to share with you this interesting case.
Second upper premolar, it seemd easy from radiograpgh...not like the first premolar in which you could assume tight canals or three roots...
I could not achieve apical patency ( except once with a tiny k-file 06-08)...I end up with convincing my self I would end up with a short therapy . . .
In this case I use carrier based technique with very flowable sealer hoping that the sealer would go where I was not able to go with hand instrument and where I did not shape . . .
I used pure alchol hoping to dry as much as I could and I was lucky to fill this trifuraction
But the question is ( since i will start using Bioceramic ) . . . in such case would Bioceramic have filled this anatomy?
Knowing the superior property . . .( I know every video and article ...on the net thanks to Dr Nasseh) ...
what about capillarity?
Bioceramic has a standard capillarity ? would have worked in such a case?
And....Are there any way to increase it? or to change we were used when using old Zoe .  . changing the proportion of powder and liquid? Maybe adding any component to the premixed bioceramic? 
Thanks in advance and Happy holiday!!

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In reply to claudio farnararo Dr. Farnararo:  Bioceramics are Hydrophilic and therefore will have a much superior capillary effect than resin or ZOE based cements. The flow properties are also better since dentin is hydrophilic (has about 30% water component) and will therefore flow better with bioceramics. Furthermore, where it fills the canals in a capillary fashion the cement will not wash out shortly thereafter. 

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In reply to RWE Admin Thanks a lot , it is what i thought :)
Cannot wait to start using it as soon as It arrives.


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In reply to claudio farnararo That's true Claudio. Bioceramics flow better due to capillary effect than both ZOE and Resin sealers because they're hydrophilic and have a much better "wetting angle" on dentin (in vivo). There are several studies showing penetration into dentinal tubules and most importantly, they won't wash out from inside the tooth once they've set. That's why they are better for filling lateral canals than resorbable cements that are out of the lateral canal in 2 years. Cheers and let us know if any questions come up after you use them. :)