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Endo Questions for the RWE Faculty:: Bc sealer with heat ??


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Can BC sealers ACCEPT heat so that i can obturate my cases using warm verical compaction using system B and obtura in the presence of bc sealer ? Thanxx in advance

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In reply to Ahmed Ezz Yes it can. But you may want to use lower temperature gutta percha such as BC GP 150 and BC Pellets to back fill. Furthermore, don't keep the heat in place too long. If over heated the cement gets dry and grainy. The material properties are not changed and it will set; but too much heat makes it grainy, that's all. I occasionally use vertical in cases where the canal is very oval or if I'm trying to achieve a very dense radiographic look for a specific reason. But most of the time heat is not needed since the seal comes from the cement and minimizing it with condensation is unnecessary.