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Endo Questions for the RWE Faculty:

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Endo Questions for the RWE Faculty:: Effective use of the Microscope


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I'm six weeks in to the first year of an Endo residency.  Coming straight from dental school I've never touched a DOM and am trying to transition from loupes.  The learning curve is slow, so a video addressing the following would be very helpful:

1. How to position yourself and the patient so you can see without straining yourself
2. Where to position your mirror and the high volume suction for prevention of water spray on your mirror
3.  Magnification
4. Which situations you use vision, which situations you use tactile 'feel' 


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In reply to Andrew Martens Great points Andrew. I should make a video on this topic and definitely will at some point. There's too much in the pipeline currently so hopefully it will be soon but can't promise. You might have already mastered the microscope by then!! ;) 

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I'm sure you have your hands full between private practice, rwe and teaching!  You sir, are superhuman.  

I demoed a new Global A series today and that made a difference, combined with watching a few of your videos and other YouTube videos.  Thanks for the response!

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Andrew, jump on dentaltown, and check the microscope forum
Long story- buy the vids from glen, and the book from rick scmidt and you will be well on your way!! That, and craploads of practice will get you there!!