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Endo Questions for the RWE Faculty:: is air/water/particle abrasion usefull in endo?


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well the question is quite clear frim the subject title im low on budget and was planning to either buy a new ultrasonic device with endo tips or the new Aquacare cleaning and polishing device I saw a video on youtube of the aquacare device being used to clean the coronal part and also for irrigating the canals and was wondering if its safe to use it with such high water pressure in the canals if its actually applicable in endodontics can you make a video of how its used? lots of love and appretiation

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In reply to Almoezldeenulah Abdoun Aquacare is a great product to clean inside the chamber but it won't have the ability to get down into an open canal for any irrigation purposes. Furthermore, because of the air supply there's a possible risk of air emphysema if you lock the pressure in the root canal. So, when it comes down to irrigation, you should use a piezoelectric ultrasonic and there's no significant replacement for it. 
However, you can use Aquacare to clean the chamber before placing a core. 
Good luck.