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Endo Questions for the RWE Faculty:: Need advice about shaping the molar canals


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Hello, is 25/04 rotary file enough for shaping lower and upper molars? Or is it advisable to go to 30/04 also if i am to stop at 25 is it better to have a taper of .04 or .06? Thanks alot 

Can i have some advice on how to bypass files or ledges? 

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In reply to Mina Ezzat Bypassing ledges or broken files is beyond the scope of this forum; but you can see some of the videos we've prepared here by Dr. Nasseh on separated instrument management, etc where he gives some explanations. 
Regarding size, it all depends on the size of a given tooth. There are no cookie cutter answers; but most of the time, a size 30/04 is a minimum; but if you have a very thin, curved root then a 25/04 may be the only option. There could also be a case where a size 35 04 40/04 may be needed (or even larger depending on the age of patient and root formation.) So, unfortunately not hard and fast rule and you'll have to make a call based on the specific case at hand.