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Endo Questions for the RWE Faculty:: Opinion on Wellroot St bioceramic sealer by Vericom


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Greetings from Bulgaria doctor Nasseh! I was wondering if you have had any previous experience with Wellroot St bioceramic sealer by Vericom. Are you familiar with that product properties and is it good as an alternative to BC sealer. I know hydraulic condensation is possible and its proven to be effective only with BC sealer, but i would like to try this obturation technique with Wellroot St instead. I would be very happy to hear your opinion. Thank you.

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In reply to Petko Dinkov I'm not aware of nor have I tried the other cement you mentioned. I'm also not aware of any research done on it. If you know of any academic research on it please let me know. 
But you're right. Hydraulic Condensation can only be done on a bioceramic material. Otherwise, you can use ZOE or Epoxy but simply do the traditional obturation techniques. Cheers!