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Endo Questions for the RWE Faculty:: Protaper Universal


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I have been using protaper rotary system since past 4 years on X-Smart hand piece. I have noticed a problem in few molar both maxillary and mandibular with instrumentation of the mesial canals. I start with canal negotiation with a #10 ISO file followed by coronal enlargement with GG #1-3 followed by Sx.

In between all the steps I irrigate the canals with 5% Hypochloride.

The Files are used at 250-300Rpm With 1.8NCm torque setting.

The problem is that some times after preparing the canal with say S1 or S2 till the working length the subsequent  rotary  files do not reach till the WL, also after irrigation and checking the canal patency with ISO 10,15 files reaching the Wl, even S1 or S2(Earlier which reached length) do not reach length anymore . Smaller rotary files like pathfiles also do not reach lenght..but I can still reach length with ISO hand files.
  What could be the reason and how do I overcome this problem?   

Dr.Gaurav Shah.

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In reply to Dr.Gaurav Shah While I don't use the ProTaper Files it's fairly obvious based on what you're saying that you are somehow creating a ledge at some point between getting your S1 or S2 to working length and getting the subsequent rotary file to the working length. I think you should try to use in between instrument so you open the canal up more gradually and avoid a ledge. You should also try to use less force and let the instruments glide down the canal vs. pushing them down, which is the main source of ledge creation. The rest of your protocol seems straight forward. Again, I use the EndoSequence and ESX File system so I can't give you an accurate answer but based on what you're saying the problem is a ledge as you increase in tip size and the rotary file ends up going straight vs. following the curve of a thinner, curved canal like the MB root. 
Good luck. 

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Sir , I am dentist from India and I too experience the same problem with protaper files .I sometimes feel that protapers are good for oval and larger canal ,but they lack some flexibility when dealing with complex anatomy .Endosequence rotary files are not available in India at present .