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Endo Questions for the RWE Faculty:: retained decidous molar tooth no.65


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I had a query regarding a case.PAtient name reem age 14 year old has a deciduous molar in the left side which has an abscess.filling was done before involving pulp irt 65.the permanent tooth no.25 (premolar) is missing.I had taken opg xray and rvg xray.I had told them two options one is to go for rct and the other option is extraction and implant.
Kindly see and advise me your opinion. Thank you. Regards. Dr jamilee.

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In reply to jamilee john there's important question about probing and remaining coronal tooth structure that's not provided. Since the tooth is a primary tooth the ability to do adequate RCT after such large abscess is questionable. You can try Ca(OH)2 after full pulpectomy and assess healing after a couple of weeks. If asymptomatic, then you might as well fill and observe. If patient is not willing to take a chance then just go to implant. They key is patient motivation and your frank conversation about what you can promise and what you can't. Good luck! :)