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Endo Questions for the RWE Faculty:: Scout Files not getting to apex


Joined: May 2015

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Loving the scout files. But on occasion I cant get the 10/02 to apex, about 1-2mm short. Usually a pre-bent Hand File 10 (maybe sometimes an 08) can get around this last 1-2mm.
Do you have any or tips to use the scouts twithout needing handfile...for this occasions.

This can be even on young patients. Indeed I have opened calcified scout 10/02 to WL without trouble. It must be due to apical anatomy only on certain cases.

Appreciate any advice you can offer. Using scout files is so much more efficient than handfiles,


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In reply to Stephen Shepherd It's best to do crown down in the coronal half to 2/3 of the root canal before using the scouts. Managing debris and making sure that a light stroke and not too many strokes are taken is very important too. If a proper light crown down technique is done Scouts will not have any trouble reaching apex around 90% of the time. If it's too thin of a canal instrumenting with a size 6 hand file prior to the scouts might be helpful in that other 10% of cases.