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Endo Questions for the RWE Faculty:: Studies about the sealing ability of Bioceramic Sealer


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Hello Dr. Nasseh,
I thank you and the RWE team for putting up some great content for dentists and to-be dentists (like myself) online! I've really learnt a lot from your videos.
As a graduating dental student, I need to do a research project in partial fulfilment of my requirements. I'm interested in conducting an in-vitro study assessing of the sealing ability of the BC sealer and would like to know if a study like this has been done before. Also, I'd like to know if you have any input on an ideal way to go about this study.

Thank you and looking forward to your response.


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In reply to Anne Charlie Hi Anne!
Thank you for your kind words and watching our videos. In endodontic research, sealing ability is something that used to be tested with leakage studies. Such studies, however, have now been discredited as irrelevant and unimportant. Nowadays, push bond strength studies porosity studies, and actual clinical research in success appears to be the only valuable source. There have been studies on push bond strength as well as porosity on this topic. I've done over 5000 cases myself and I should, at some point, dig and do a study on the success rate on these (definitely very high success rate based on my practice still being intact! ;)
Anyway... I don't know what you can currently do on this topic. Check out the video where I share some of the bibliography on the material. I'd love for someone to check the seal on my "Lid Technique" for retropreparation. That has not been done yet. :)