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Endo Questions for the RWE Faculty:: Ultrasonics


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Hello Drs.

Have couple questions regarding the use of ultrasonics:

1. How much pressure should you use when you put the ultrasonic in the chamber? can too much pressure cause perforations?

2. Can the ultrasonic scalers used by hygienists also be used for endo cases?

Thank you.

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In reply to Wenjie Gao 1. The pressure is a gentle, brushing motion, as though you are brushing away dentin. It's gentle and is not hard. Yes, if you push on it without knowing where you are you can certainly perforate (not as fast as a high speed bur but if you continue to go down the wrong path you will eventually perforate.)
2. Magnetorestrictive units are not as good for endo; however, piezo electric units can be used both for endo as well as hygiene. So, old school Cavitron is only good for perio but not endo; but modern piezo units can be use for both. The Forza V3 unit by Brasseler I use can be use for Endo, Perio, and resotritive dentistry due to its high power and transillumination. 

Good luck! :)