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Endo Questions for the RWE Faculty:: When to use CaOH?


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Hi RWE, I started my RCT in a necrotic superior lateral incisor, after reaching my WL, shaping and cleaning(until 30/0.4 and 5,25% NaOCL) for 40 minutes, I couldn´t dry the canals completely, using paper points and microsuction. I didn´t put any CaOH inside the canal. I close the access cavity with teflon and cavit. My questions are; if I must to fill the canal with CaOH in the next appointment?, if yes, I must to do after PUI with EDTA 17%?, and for how long I must to dress it in(two weeks)?.

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In reply to Ramon Gonzalez Yes. Ca(OH)2 whenever you don't fill the canal. That helps disinfect while you're waiting. Here, you don't have to place Ca(OH)2 during the second visit if the drainage has stopped. Simply disinfect and enlarge the canals to an adequate size before filling. Good luck!