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Preguntas en Español (Questions in Spanish!)

Este foro es para los dentistas de habla hispana que se sienten más cómodos comunicándose en español. This forum is for the Spanish speaking dentists who feel more comfortable communicating in Spanish.

Preguntas en Español (Questions in Spanish!): Root Resorption


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Hello, I would like to know if you know the latest classification of root resorption most used worldwide.

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In reply to Jorge Toledo Hi there! 
The most common resorption classification is by Heithersay (1999). He classified invasive cervical root resorption lesions based on their size and extension into root structures. 
Class 1: Small, cervical area of the root involving dentin only
Class 2: Slightly larger, penetrating more into dentin and closer to the coronal pulp
Class 3: Larger, less defined lesion. Extending into the coronal third of the root. 
Class 4: Large lesion extending beyond the coronal third of the root. 

I hope this helps! :)