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User Submitted Cases: Surgical Intervention with Bioceramic in a 70 year old lady.


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This 70 year old female patient presented to my office a little more than a year ago with a sinus tract related to #30. Other than that there were no symptoms of apical pathology. 
Diagnostic tests confimed a necrotic pulp with chronic supperative periradicular periodontis associated with #30
Non-surgical endodontic treatment was carried out using BC sealer. The sinus tract persisted and a surgical treatment was planned after discussing the other various options. I had my reservations about the prognosis given the pattern of bone loss on the distal aspect. Despite this the patient elected to try to save the tooth.
I am glad she did and am amazed at the apparent complete and rapid nature of the bony healing. The distal root was resected and retro-filled with Bioceramic putty. Sinus tract resolved right away. PPD on the distal aspect was 4mm at todays 12 month recall. 
One in the win column! (for now)

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In reply to Gavin Convey Love it! Excellent non-surgical and surgical skills in display. Some of these long standing lesions simply have to be curretted out. But great shaping, obturation, and surgical healing. 

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In reply to Dennis Brave Thanks for the kind words. Pt is happy with the outcome as am I, albeit somewhat surprised. I did not have high hopes for this one. Hopefully it will stand the test of time.