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Very nice Technique. I presently use a similar access technique with a 556 carbide followed by a Brassler flat-ended diamond. Munce burs used to enlarge canal orifices followed by an SX Protaper file+ RC Prep/ProLube for coronal canal enlargement. Canals navigated and Apices established and enlarged to a 15 Kfile at length, followed by either a small or primary WaveOne file in an NSK NLZ Endo electric handpiece and control. Copious irrigation with Q-Mix + Endo Activator then Pulpdent TempCanal placed to apical length with paper points. Canals refilled with TempCanal and Cotton pellet packed over the CA(OH)2. Excess TempCAnal rinsed away, dried and access closed with Unicem 2 dual-cure to effect a hermetic seal. See patient in 6 weeks for obturation.

I like your technique as you minimize instrumentation, use Ultrasonics to improve access, quickly pulpotomize with ES Scouts and introduce the BC Temp by reversing the rotary file. Can’t find the 1% Triton X 100 for endo use to irrigate to the apical 1/3 of the canal. Do you dilute the Triton 100X with distilled water to 1% V/V (ie 1 ml in 100 ml) or does Q-Mix do the same thing?

Great Website, Ken Poznikoff

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