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Allen Ali Nasseh

@Jason Wu: Yes, it’s basically a RMGI. And yes, if you want GIC bonding then no bonding agent is needed. It also self etching and self bonding. So you do get some resin bonding too. However, it’s not strong. So the application matters. If you want a very solid bond for most tensile strength then etch/bond as it will give you the maximum bond with bulk flow. But for most access fill applications it’s not needed; however you have to judge the quality of the dentin and it’s sometimes better to fresh up the surface with a bur after endo to avoid NaClO action on dentin throughout the procedure. Also, you have to place and make sure you wait at least 30 seconds before you attempt to light cure. Otherwise, premature light curing causes shrinkage! (so be careful with operatory and/or microscope light. Cheers!

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