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      Allen Ali NassehAllen Ali Nasseh

      A Basic necrotic incisor under the modern crowns material is accessed and instrumented using the ESX instrumentation and obturation technique.
      [See the full post at: CBL #15: Basic Anterior ESX Modern Crowns.]

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      AvatarMaciej Stępień

      hello! great case! I would like to ask You
      1. What are the tips for such a conservative preparation, because when I get into the crowned tooth especially front tooth I usually must enlarge my opening to get to the chamber, otherwise I really spent a lot of time looking for it, I dont know what I`m doing wrong 😉
      2. What is the name of Your RVG sensor holder so that the patient can hold the sensor having his hand outside the mouth?
      3. Do You always use BC sealer nowadays, and if so if You make an endo surgery You normally retro prep and put some MTA/biodentine ?
      4. What is minimal size of apical preparation to use Endovac and what You do if You are enable to use endovac?
      thanks a lot for Your Videos, knowledge and effort

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      AvatarJoao Costa

      Thank you again for your time preparing and sharing this case. I noticed you did not mention any lubricant. Wouldn’t a lubricant working with NaOCl help during shaping and promoting efficient cleaning of the root canal?

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