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      Allen Ali Nasseh

        During a short visit to Toronto, Dr. Nasseh shares a clinical case of a mandibular molar he treated using the newly released ESR Files.
        [See the full post at: CBL 21: EndoSequence Reciprocating (ESR) File. A clinical case and technique.]

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          How long do you have to wait for the Bc sealer to set before you can use the ultrasonics scaler to remove the excess sealer on canal walls before the endosequence base ?

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          Allen Ali Nasseh

            There’s no wait. You remove it before it sets using ultrasonic and water that will wash it out. Jus make sure you have the GP spread well over the orifice so sealer from inside the canal is not washed out. Cheers!

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              How do you proceed if you’re estimated WL was long, and you go further than you wanted with the 25/20/scout? Do you just open to a larger size with the final WL to create an apical stop?

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