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      Allen Ali Nasseh

      The original ESR CM Reciprocating file system by BrasselerUSA is explained. In the next video, an update to this protocol will be explained.
      [See the full post at: ESR CM Instrumentation Technique (part 1 of 2)]

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      Gary Pannabecker

      Hello Dr. Nasseh, what are the rpm and torque settings for endosequence files? I have a Kavo Elements e-motion motor.
      Thank you.

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      Allen Ali Nasseh

      Keep in mind this video is on ESR CM. They are counterclockwise cutting files designed for reciprocating handpieces or reverse OTR. So, I’m not sure if your handpiece is capable of that. But in your comment you just said “EndoSequence Files.” Those are actually clockwise direction cutting files. You can use those with the Sybron motion they use for their Twisted Files using adaptive motion. Or you can use regular clockwise direction with 1.8Ncm torque but be careful
      Not to push the files beyond engagement into excessive resistance. Good luck!

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      Marco Geris

      Hello Dr Nasseh, would it be okay to go after hand files to the 30/04 file without doing the 25/06. Would it be a good idea so that I can keep more coronal dentin while always having more cleaning in the apical 3-4mm of the canal?

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      Allen Ali Nasseh

      @Mrco Geris: You certainly an do that. You don’t have to take the 25/06 to the apex before using the 30. You can just use it as an orifice opener, which means it’s not going all the way to the apex by only half way down. That way, you’re using it for coronal pre-flaring that will help reduce the torque on the 20/04 and 30/04 later on during instrumentation. You can also skip it completely but you’ll need some kind of a way to determine what’s the appropriate master apical file for a given canal. The 25 helps screen the canal as large or small.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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