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      Allen Ali Nasseh

      Recent question about which is a priority for a new practice!
      [See the full post at: Friday Questions: CBCT vs. Operating Microscope!]

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      Hi ALi,
      Although it would be amazing to buy a Carl Zeiss microscope as a new graduate I anticipate I’m going to have a limited budget to spend on the tools that I want. With that in mind, what do you think is the best value for money when looking for a microscope? Is it okay to go with less expensive brands? What range of magnification is necessary? Is image capturing a must? Is it okay to have a mobile unit to share between operatories or is it worth the extra cost to have each room equipped with a mounted microscope? Love your videos and thanks for all that you do. Siavash, D4 at NYU.

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      Allen Ali Nasseh

      @Siavash: True that! That’s how Ingot stared too. Buy a mobile inexpensive scope. You can move it around and you won’t break bank. You don need image acquisition at his poin. Use it for a couple of years t make some money and then you can buy something more substantial. Lots of brands around. I’ve used Global but even less expensive scopes are around today. The key is the arm and the service!
      Good luck!

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      Thanks for your response and the helpful hints!

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