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      Allen Ali Nasseh

        Dr. Nasseh shares a couple of molar cases one with multiple roots during his daily trips back from the office.
        [See the full post at: More Emergency Endo cases during Covid crisis and Protests! Multiple canal molar (vlog)]

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        Stanley John

          cool case!

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          Allen Ali Nasseh

            @Stanley John: Thank you. I remember you were going to school. How’s everything going at your school? 🙂

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            Stanley John

              @Dr.Nasseh Yes I am a D3 in Florida. Things have been slow due to covid restrictions, currently we are only in clinic half time (with lots of PPE, many social distancing measures, and aerosol restrictions) but our school was quick to adjust compared to other schools from what I hear. On the bright side I was able to get my first endo experience recently. Hoping clinics will be opened up fully soon. Thank you for all your great content.

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