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Happy 2016!! free

By Allen Ali Nasseh on December 22, 2015 in Endo / Miscellaneous

Wishing you all a Happy Holidays and New Year! Lots of new videos planned for 2016!


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Dr. Allen Ali Nasseh graduated from Northwestern University Dental School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine Post Doctoral Endodontics program, where he also received a Masters in Medical Sciences in Bone Physiology. He has been a clinical instructor and a lecturer at the Harvard Postdoctoral Endo program since 1997 where he maintains a senior faculty position.

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Mark Squicquero

Dr. Nasseh, I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar at Brasseler HQ. in Savannah. It was one of the best presentations I've seen since I attended John Shoeffels courses years ago. I immediately ordered the ESX system and have completed several maxillary molars including MB2's very quickly and easily. We had spoken during the course about the Endovac system and how I have used alternatives to achieve the same result by using an IV set. I've recently found an even easier method. VISTA makes a kit for endo irrigation that comes with the tubings with luer lock end plus an adapter to attach to the high speed suction. very inexpensive and easy. I'm currently preparing a presentation for a study group on ultrasonic activation in endo and the use of Piezo handpiece for access and activation of irrigants. Do you have one of your short videos on the subject that I could use during the presentation? If so I would appreciate it if I could use it in my talk. Thanks Mark Squicquero DDS

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Frank Crawford

Allen, I agree with you regarding the access prep. GP's doing endo don't have microscopes. Second, how can you find all the additional canals with such a tiny access prep? Good for you to affirm the standard access prep.

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Auste Liegute

Hei, I also would like to ask Dr. Nasseh, if You could share with us some information about calcified canals. You made a really good video about finding the orifices, we found lots of good tips there. But what about cases, where canal is curved a lot in the tip and You have blocked it with CaOH or debris. Also when You are making root canal re-treatment and after removing gutaperca, its a dead end. maybe You can suggest some tips?:) Thank You for Your great Youtube video course, It's really great!