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Happy 4th of July! Also, a Quick Q&A on the ESX post technique. free

By Allen Ali Nasseh on July 5, 2016 in Endo / Non-surgical treatment

What if you cut off the GP during notching of the GP cone in preparation for cementation and twisting off the handle?

Two quesitons answered here: 
1. Can you use other sealers with the technique described by Dr. Nasseh? Answer: NO

2. What if you cut through the gutta percha during the attempt to cut 90% through it? 
Answer: If you have a well fitted cone before notching, you can take the segment and drop in the canal and seat fully by using the handle. 


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Maryam Hussain

I have a question, why the BC coated GP are low melting temperature GP? Does that have anyhthing to do with the BC sealer? what is the benifit of low temp. Thank yoh