Success rate of retreatments (Friday Question)

Allen Ali Nasseh   uploaded 5 years ago

Is the success are of retreatments high? Is a much lower than primary root canal therapy? Why? Some basic questions answered by Drs. Fleury and Nasseh.


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      Allen Ali Nasseh

        What’s the success are of revisions? Drs. Fleury and Nasseh share some brief thoughts on this Friday’s Questions on the footsteps of the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia!
        [See the full post at: Success rate of retreatments (Friday Question)]

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        Auste Liegute


          Maybe You can tell what are your favorite tools/files for removing gutapercha?

          Thank You,

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          Allen Ali Nasseh

            @Auste: I use the EndoSequence files 40-20 in a crown down method in the presence of Chloroform. I also use the XP 3D shape and especially the Finisher at the end to clean remnants of GP from the walls.
            The use of a solvent in the absence of water or other liquid solutions is key to dissolving the GP.

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