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Is the Patient Numb Enough for Endo?

November 25, 2016 5:47 pm Published by

Do you ask your patient if they feel numb before you start? You shouldn't! You should test! In this short video Dr. Nasseh shares his technique which he has used for the past 20 years with great resul...

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Painless shots in the Maxillary Anteriors: Friday Questions (Live from Burning Man!!!)

September 11, 2015 4:32 am Published by

Predictable painless shots in the anterior sextants are not possible according to most dentists. However, with the proper understanding of local anesthetic chemistry and and mid-face innervation, a painless shot can be provided to your patients. Since adequate pulpal anesthesia is required for painless shot and delivering painless shots is also the responsibility of every dentist, Dr. Nasseh shares a simple trick that will help you provide predictable painless shots without the use of the topical anesthetic and with much more precision and comfort.

In this travel-log live from Black Rock City and Burning Man, you can learn to excercise kindness to your patients while learning about this magical festival of Art, Music, and Radical Expression in the heart of Nevada desert.…