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RWE Blog: United States Dental Tennis Association & Also, release of the EndoSwipe, Finally!

April 25, 2015 11:09 pm Published by

For those of your who enjoy Tennis and dentistry you can check out DentalTennis.org. This is the United States Dental Tennis Association and is composed of dentists and their families who enjoy playing tennis. It’s a very nice group of excellent dentists who are passionate about both dentistry and tennis. They are very family oriented and have exceptional values and a fun group who come together twice a year and play tennis and listen to Dental CE courses. I had the pleasure of their invitation for presenting an endo lecture to them on April 21 in the SouthSeas Island Resort located in Captiva Island, Florida. A beautiful place to visit.

Also on other news, the EndoSwipe is finaly here and I will make a few how-to videos about its proper use soon.…

Friday Questions: How can you Pre-Bend a Conventional NiTi File?

February 14, 2015 5:27 am Published by

Why do we pre-bend files and how can we pre-bend an austenitic (traditional) NiTi File? Are Martensitic Files (CM Wire or M-Wire Files) better because they can be pre bent? What are their limitations? In this tutorial Dr. Nasseh discusses a trick for pre-bending traditional files, which allows the user to take advantage of the advantages of a sharper cutting edge from an Austenitic file while also having the benefit of prebending you can get from Martensitic files.…