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Dystrophic Calcification

September 10, 2013 7:45 pm Published by

A tooth #10 with a history of trauma followed by a crown that broke off at the gingival level was sent for endodontic therapy prior to post space preparation. After access through the dystrophic calcification, a defected, rusted #17 Flexo-file fails upon insertion in the already patent and instrumented to size 10 canal. The file is loose and its retrieval with instruments /ultrasonic is not possible since the tip can not be grabbed by any instrument as well as the fact that the rusted file may shatter into pieces if ultrasonic energy is applied. A technique utilizing Cyanoacrylate is demonstrated to retrieve the instrument inside the canal. Following obturation, the a variation from the previously explained technique (look up Nasseh Post Preparation Technique) is demonstrated, which involves fitting a post first, followed by scoring the final fitted gutta percha at the apical level of the fitted post, then cementing the gutta percha in the canal and twisting off the handle (separating the handle from the scored tip) and then condensing the cemented segment.…