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ESR CM Reciprocating Files (Review)

December 21, 2020 12:26 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Dr. Nasseh shows the new ESR CM Files, files designed for reverse cutting/reciprocating but are constant taper 04 and 06 and match with the EndoSequence GP and can be used with Hydraulic Condensation. Finally, a simpler instrumentation/obturation technique. …

AAE 2018 Vlog and a few Clinical Cases with Dr. Alvaro

May 16, 2018 2:40 pm Published by

This Vlog Review of Dr. Nasseh’s AAE Meeting experience this year starts from his vacation in Costa Rica and ends in Denver after the AAE meeting.

It’s a long one and may need to be viewed in a couple of sittings.

The Vlog is the first 20 minutes. If only interested in the case reviews it starts at the 20 minute mark.…

Endo Sync & Endo Sync A.I. (Preview)

March 23, 2016 2:44 am Published by

Optimized Torque Reduction (OTR) is a promising new technology for efficient instrumentation while reducing the chance of file separation. This techology is very promising. Dr. Nasseh had a chance to ...

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XP-3D Finisher*, a paradigm shift in endodontic instrumentation

August 7, 2015 11:50 am Published by

Root Canals are oval in a buccolingual direction. However, we continue to use round instruments to clean and shape then, thus leaving large amounts of tissue and microbial contaminants behind. These contaminants can potentially lead to long term failure. The XP-3D Finisher* is an innovative solution to clean oval and irregularly shaped root canals at the end of instrumentation by 1min application of this instrument inside the root canal. This instrument with touch all the walls and clean debris that has been left in place or packed as a result of instrumentation.

In this video, Dr. Nasseh demonstrates the use of this instrument and further discusses the its potential for cleaning those areas of the canal that are unreachable by our traditional instrumentation.

* NOTE: This product is not yet available for purchase in North America.…

AAE Meeting 2015 in Seattle

May 12, 2015 12:23 pm Published by

The 2015 American Association of Endodontists meeting in Seattle, WA was well attended with excellent presentations and release of some new devices. This short recap of this event by Drs. Brave and Nasseh of this event touches on some of the activity on the exhibits’ floor.…

RWE Blog: United States Dental Tennis Association & Also, release of the EndoSwipe, Finally!

April 25, 2015 11:09 pm Published by

For those of your who enjoy Tennis and dentistry you can check out DentalTennis.org. This is the United States Dental Tennis Association and is composed of dentists and their families who enjoy playing tennis. It’s a very nice group of excellent dentists who are passionate about both dentistry and tennis. They are very family oriented and have exceptional values and a fun group who come together twice a year and play tennis and listen to Dental CE courses. I had the pleasure of their invitation for presenting an endo lecture to them on April 21 in the SouthSeas Island Resort located in Captiva Island, Florida. A beautiful place to visit.

Also on other news, the EndoSwipe is finaly here and I will make a few how-to videos about its proper use soon.…