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AAE 2018 Vlog and a few Clinical Cases with Dr. Alvaro basic free

Dr. Nasseh takes us from his Costa Rica to Denver Colorado for the AAE meeting and shares some cases with RWE Faculty Dr. Alvaro (at 20minute mark)


This Vlog Review of Dr. Nasseh's AAE Meeting experience this year starts from his vacation in Costa Rica and ends in Denver after the AAE meeting. 

It's a long one and may need to be viewed in a couple of sittings. 

The Vlog is the first 20 minutes. If only interested in the case reviews it starts at the 20 minute mark. 

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Allen Ali Nasseh

This is a long one folks. You may need to watch it in a couple of settings! The first part is my vacation last week in Costa Rica and then the trip to Denver. The clinical cases starts at ~ 20minutes mark. Hope you enjoy this type content. I'll try to break it down next time. ;)

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ali al-ausi

Really nice video with great locations. My stomach was grumbling when I was watching you eat that delicious breakfast as I am fasting at the moment. Unplanned torture. Two things I wanted to touch up on; 1) the central incisors with the large lesions I would have done non-surgical re-treatment first, the large posts are not a cause for concern and would have come out simply with ultrasonics. 2) with autotransplantation I would do the transplantation before doing the RCT. if the tooth thats transplanted fails due to attachment loss and needs removal then you would have not wasted the patients time and money by doing the RCT first. Only once the transplanted tooth gains stability and initial success is achieved then it would be wise to go on to do RCT as we can expect this tooth to be in place for the future.

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Stanley John

Production level on these videos is phenomenal. Great to see everything at the AAE and recognizable people like Dr. White at the Harvard meeting. The section with Dr. Alvaro was gold! Looking forward to maybe attending AAE next year and seeing you present in person.

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Allen Ali Nasseh

@Ali Al-Ausi: Sorry for the indigestion my friend. Not too many endo tutorials involve eating! We're different out here! Hey it's Real World! LOL! Responding to 1) I disagree with the non-surgical retx in these cases first. The posts were recently done by a prosthodontist and the crowns were flawless. There's no reason to do a retreatment and ruin the post/crowns and risk weakening the tooth. Surgery if anything, is exactly indicated in such cases. Consideration of the quality of the pros is the main factor. 2) That's a good suggestion but the problem is this is an adult tooth and will get revitalized immediately after extraction. Therefore, there's a chance that it can become an abscess before the tooth is stable enough to take a clamp. Putting a clamp for endo on a 2nd molar without enough integration can pull the tooth out! So, how long would it take vs. how long it takes for the tooth to become an abscess is a risk. This is why I tend to agree with Dr. Alvaro's approach. @Stanley John:

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Troy Jameson

I really like these types of behind the scenes videos. They have a nice flow to them are are educational too! Thanks for the effort in making these!