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Avoiding Perforations a EDSIC 2018 trip to Cairo Egypt (Vlog) basic free

Following a trip to Cairo for a presentation, Dr. Nasseh shares his trip experience and a short excerpt from a portion of this presentation.


Perforations can be avoided when we understand the mechanisms that lead to their occurance. Dr. Nasseh shares a short summary of a portion of a presentaiton he gave to the Egypitian Syndicate at the EDSIC meeting in Cairo Egypt. 

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Allen Ali Nasseh

This is a short excerpt, not from the presentation itself, but something I recorded before. The material covered in the presentation is more detailed. The new dual cure bioactive material we've developed for this purpose, BC ERM, promises to be a great material for immediate filing over the BC Putty, after perforation repair, in order to allow continuation of work. Time of repair is an important factor for perforation repair and by combining the BC Putty and BC ERM a perforation can easily be repaired immediately if it occurs and work can continue. However, our main goal should be to avoid these problems from ever occurring and these basic tips may help.

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Doc......can u give us a video to explain apical gauging...thank u. have a gr8 day!