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EndoSequence Scout Files and the EndoSequence Blend Protocol (Vlog from Stow Vermont!) advanced free

The newly released EndoSequence Scout Files are discussed and Dr. Nasseh discusses the idea behind using these files in advance and the more difficult cases.


The hydbridization of NiTi files has always made sense to some users. In this vlog/presentation, Dr. Nasseh discusses the additon of the newly released EndoSequence Scouts in a hybrid protocol called the EndoSequene Blend. This protocol is designed to deal with both easy and very difficult cases with the main aim of reducing hand intrumentation through the use of crown down and hybridization of tapers. 

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claudio farnararo

Very interesting , I would like to try , would be possibile in AAE to have some? I have a friend coming, do you know the number of the stand?

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Allen Ali Nasseh

Hi Claudio. It's the BrasselerUSA Stand. I don't know their booth number but it will be easy to find as the exhibits area is small during the AAE meeting.

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Shervin Gholian

Hi Ali. I know there is more than one way to do an RCT. However, do you feel that the XP-3D Shaper satisfies all the requirements of this hybrid technique, but using only one file? In my hands, I find that the XP Shaper is able to instrument safely in very complex cases without the complicated utilization of multiple instruments. In my opinion, the near zero taper of XP and flexibility almost makes other systems obsolete.

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Allen Ali Nasseh

@ Shervin gjolian: Shervin you are right. The shaper is a formitable instrument and piece of technology. I often say it’s like a Formula 1 car. However, much like a Formula 1 car, the average driver is unable to harness all that performance easily and requires rigorous training/experience. Most people just want a car just to go to the mall and back and dont want to have to deal with all the nuances of using the Shaper correctly (length control and cone fitting). This became apparent to me several months after launch. It would have worked as a hybrid but there was resistance to use more files. Anyway. You are right that there is more than one way to skin the cat. My goal is developing techniques and technology that helps the average clinician’s needs, not only the experts. That’s why we’re “Real World!” ;)

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ali al-ausi

@ allen ali nasseh....Well demonstrated and explained. Hybrid technique using different files will expand your ability to treat cases where one type of file will be less efficient, more difficult or even impossible. I know you advocate using endosequence files and I am sure they are great but I have been using and got familiar with the prptaper next system and for heat treated files I use vortex blue. What ever you are comfortable with and allows you to achieve your objective then that's the system you should be using. A side note, can I have those clear plastic tooth models after you used them? If you finished demonstrating shaping with them and don't need them then I can make use of them for some tests I want to conduct on irrigation efficiency. If you still need them then would you please direct me to where I can purchase them? Many thanks