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Snow Day Emergency Case Review. (A short diagnosis Vlog) basic free

On a short trip back from the office Dr. Nasseh discusses a case he saw for emergency.


Treatment was always initiated with a proper diagnosis and good diagnosis is a function of listening to the patient's history and chief complaint. Dr. Nasseh uses a daignostic case to discuss some of these topics on the way back from work during a snow storm. 

This case shows the importance of good diagnostic imaging and listening and inquiring more about the patient's chief complaint and history of present illness. 

A full diagnosis series is in the plans. 

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Allen Ali Nasseh

The good news is that I survived the snow storm. The bad news is I didn't mention a few things during this vlog that I should have. For example, while a CBCT would have been helpful here, the more important factor is emphasis on obtaining good quality, parallel conventional radiographs that are of diagnostic quality. The original image that was severely foreshortened created confusion in light of the lesion's pressure over the IAN. Therefore, a more parallel radiograph would have helped show the lack of lesion around the apex of the premolar which would have made the non-responsiveness of that tooth more questionable to the cold test. Looking forward to do more diagnostic case reviews. :)

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Troy Jameson

Nice case. I've seen a few cases go numb after an abscess but did not noticed pulp testing issues (maybe I forgot to pulp test since the abscess was obvious on the x-ray!) Happy you made it through that whether!

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Glad to know u survived the storm!!Thank u for a lovely video!!