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Success rate of retreatments (Friday Question) basic free

What's the success are of revisions? Drs. Fleury and Nasseh share some brief thoughts on this Friday's Questions on the footsteps of the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia!


Is the success are of retreatments high? Is a much lower than primary root canal therapy? Why? Some basic questions answered by Drs. Fleury and Nasseh. 

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Allen Ali Nasseh

How's your success rate with revisions?

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Troy Jameson

I've had very good success rate with retreatments. But then again I only retreat the easy ones and refer out the tough ones to my endodontist. I usually enlarge the canal to a wider diameter and irrigate with bleach. Any concentration of bleach you recommend?

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RWE Admin

Dr. Jameson, Dr. Nasseh uses a bleach range of 2.25%-6%, based on whether he's using positive or negative pressure (higher concentration with negative pressure).