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The First Case of Synchronized Hydraulic Condensation (Seattle Vlog) basic free

During the vacation to Seattle Washington, Dr. Nasseh shares the very first case of Synchronized Hydraulic Condensation Done in North America and its follow up.


Synchronized Hydraulic Condensation using Active GP (Glass Ionomer) and Active GP coated gutta percha cones was developed in 2003 by Drs. Koch and Brave. In 2008, once Bioceramic Sealers were developed by IBC, Dr. Nasseh used these cements to replace Active GP Cement and tested the technique for a responsible way to use bioceramics in endodontics. Drs. Koch, Brave and Nasseh along with the RWE team developed this technique as the simplest way to introduce bioceramic cements in non-surgical endodontic obturaiton. The BC Sealer used in this technique along with the BC Coated gutta percha is available through BrasselerUSA.

Over ten years have now passed since the introduction of this technique that has changed endodontics and has made obturation simpler in clinical cases. In this video, Dr. Nasseh shares his very first clinical case of Hydraulic Condensation that was done after FDA approval and much in vitro testing and validation. 

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Troy Jameson

I've now used Hydraulic Condensation for the past few years and have had no problems. Thank you real world endo for introducing us to it. It's much easier to do than the other techniques we used to use and it's less expensive than thermalfil I used before.