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The RWE "Lid Technique" for retrofilling during apicoectomy advanced free

In this video, Dr. Nasseh describes the evolution of a technique he developed over 6 years ago and how the material science improvement is now allowing endodontists to provide much more efficient apicoectomy procedures with better prognosis.


Saving teeth is the primary goal of all endodontic therapy. However, when conventional, non-surgical root canal therapy does not work and the tooth has good coronal restoration and periodontal conditions, apicoectomy and retrofilling can be considered as a viable way to save teeth that would otherwise be extracted through a single procedure. In this video, Dr. Nasseh explains this procedure and how the modern "Lid Technique" developed by RWE is more efficient and effective than the historical apicoectomy procedure. 

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Donald Jetter

Very interesting and informative

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Emily Kuo

Asian's teeth are much shorter and slender, 16 mm and narrow roots. I often only have very limited amour of root to work with so the retro cavities are very small. I found the lid tech or mushroom tech are difficult to do because the etch tips are not small enough to get all the way into the retro cavity. Do you have any recommendations?

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Dennis Brave

@Emily Kuo. Most Asian teeth I've seen are short rather than narrow. You should be able to get a Best 2 ultrasonic tip 2-3mm in, which would then allow you to have an Acid Etch tip 2-3mm deep. You can play around with different diameter lumens to see what you can fit. But your retropreparations should be wide enough (as wide as the ultrasonic tip, which would accommodate the syringe tip. We're in the process of developing specific tips for this technique.

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Jerome J. Cymerman

Great update on modern endodontic surgery

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Fotios-Anestis Roilos

Thank you for your very informative presentation Dr. Allen Ali Nasseh, I would like to ask for your opinion about Ketac-silver (Silver Reinforced Glass Ionomer) as a retrograde filling material. Also I would like to ask you, if the canal cavity preparation with the ultrasonic tip is not wide enough to accommodate the tip of your syringe to inject your material, you "insist" in the canal preparation by doing circular-round movements with your ultrasonic tip until you widen enough the apex? (Because I am using the latest Satelec 3 mm tip and its pretty much thin tip and doesnt make a big cavity with the regular up&down movements). Thanks in advance!