XP-3D Finisher*, a paradigm shift in endodontic instrumentation

Allen Ali Nasseh   uploaded 8 years ago

Root Canals are oval in a buccolingual direction. However, we continue to use round instruments to clean and shape then, thus leaving large amounts of tissue and microbial contaminants behind. These contaminants can potentially lead to long term failure. The XP-3D Finisher* is an innovative solution to clean oval and irregularly shaped root canals at the end of instrumentation by 1min application of this instrument inside the root canal. This instrument with touch all the walls and clean debris that has been left in place or packed as a result of instrumentation.

In this video, Dr. Nasseh demonstrates the use of this instrument and further discusses the its potential for cleaning those areas of the canal that are unreachable by our traditional instrumentation.

* NOTE: This product is not yet available for purchase in North America.


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